Under the motto “De-plastify your life! De-plastifier ta vie! M’Bous bakhoul!”, the Système-D initiative was the first part of a large tri-national meeting between 30 young adults from Hamburg / Germany, Epinay-sur-Seine and Aubervilliers / Hamburg in September 2015 (5-9 September) France and Ziguinchor / Senegal.

In art-media workshops (up-cycling, research and film, theatre performance), information was collected, exchanged and presented to the public on the subject of plastic avoidance. The meeting also created space for reflection on culture and language and exchange on the global-local connections of differently experienced realities and handling of garbage. The results of the workshops were presented at the Youth Environment Forum, ‘The Planet in Your Hands’ of the DFJW / OFAJ on 12.9.2015. In addition, a delegation has presented the project at the Elb-Klimacamp on the Falkensteiner Ufer from 17 to 20 September 2015 by Hajusom e.V.

Hajusom e.V. (Hamburg, Germany)
REESO reseau d´echange, d´entraide, solidaire et organise (Epinay-sur-Seine, Il-de-France/Paris)
ASC-Kulumba Association Sportive et Culturelle (Ziguinchor/Senegal)
Havelar’s Engaged Youth (HEY!) (Amsterdam, Netherland)

In cooperation with: Hajusom e.V., Haus der Familie bei der Schilleroper, Haus Drei
Funded by: DFJW, the city of Hamburg (Behörde für Arbeit, Soziales, Familie und Integration), the foundation Robert Bosch / On y va!