The transnational initiative Système-D has made no less a task than to confront the media with its artistic-media interventions and intercultural exchange. We consider the pollution through waste in a global context. At the same time, we try to develop and implement ideas for sustainable, civil society and environmentally conscious action from our different local contexts.

The Transnational Initiative Système-D is made up of young, politically and culturally interested people: students, professionals, refugees, migrants from Germany, France, Senegal and the Netherlands.

In 2013 Système-D won the first prize-winner in the competition “On y va! – Let’s go!” initiated by the Robert Bosch Foundation.

As humanity, we are faced with a huge waste problem that we produce ourselves and which destroys our living space and our health more and more. In order to tackle this problem and not to be paralyzed by its extent, we use the strategy Système-D as a guiding principle: the D in Système-D, stands for se débrouiller (to move out of the entanglement / a difficult situation)

The term débrouillard describes someone who handles difficult situations in a smart way. To use and respond to a situation in the Système-D way means to think quickly and witty and adapt events and responding to challenges with improvisation – with the given resources that are available. Système-D is a French term that comes close to the German term ‘Trick 17’. The solutions are original, unusual and constructive. Our project is about the development of new ideas that are inspired by their own environment and how they are created for them. We are trying to find solutions to problems that concern all of us.

Live à la Radio ZIG FM de Ziguinchor (27.12.2013)

Emission à la Radio Kassoumay FM de Ziguinchor en Francais (27.12.2013)

Emission à la Radio Kassoumay FM de Ziguinchor en Wolof (27.12.2013)

Emission à la Radio Sud FM de Ziguinchor (28.12.2013)