In 2013/14, the tri-national team of Système-D researched the madness of waste in the south of Senegal with the motto “ideas instead of waste!”.

A team of social educators, photographers, students, theatrical artists from Ziguinchor / Senegal, Hamburg / Germany and Aubervillers-Ile de France / France engaged with the topic of waste and garbage through artistic research. Together with the young people from the Kulumba district in Ziguinchor they created a space together and came up with their own ideas against waste.

This was the first meeting of the team and a pilot project that took place in Senegal. Here, the team from the Debrouillard masters, who are many in Senegal, learned. If you have Système-D-talents, you will master your daily routine here – from necessity becomes a virtue. Whether for car and two-wheel repairs, if suitable spare parts are invented, since the original parts are not available; Or whether in the everyday survival fight, if the multifunctional professions are carried out on the permanent search for small jobs and daily allowance – often the welcome ritual is called Wolof “Naka affaire yi?” And the answer is “Mangui gorgorlou” or “Je me débrouilles” (“I’ll get right, I’ll beat you”).

Practiced in Système-D-tricks and as a well-trained team, a tri-national young meeting was already planned during the next few years to examine from a global perspective the local handling of garbage in Ziguinchor-Aubervilliers-Hamburg and the research results in (Artistic) actions publicly.

German partner institution: Hajusom e.V., Hamburg

French partner institution: Association d’aide culturelle et sociale de la Seine Saint Denise (AACSSSD), Aubervilliers

Senegalese partner institution: ASC Kulumba (Association Sportive et Culturelle de Kulumba), Ziguinchor

Sponsored by: Ideenwettbewerb “On y va! – Let’s go! “The Robert Bosch Foundation

Sponsored by: Embassy of the Republic of Senegal in Germany

With this promotion, Système-D became the first prize-winner of the “On y va! – Let’s go!” competition of the Robert Bosch Foundation.