SUNU GOKH is Wolof and translates as: OUR DISTRICT

Show your face for a clean and peaceful future! Keep your own quarter in mind. Our neighbourhood, our environment, our city.

With the street art action “Sunu Gokh (our district): Faces of the future” in October 2016, a small team of Système-D in Ziguinchor, southern Ziguinchor in the district of Kulumba, attracted garbage avoidance, civil society commitment and appreciation for its own residential district.

Extraordinary portrait photos of the Hamburg photographer Niculai Constantinescu of the committed citizens were posted together with the residents to the grey concrete walls. They are the faces of the future, they give courage to continue!

The 80 photo posters show portraits of young people from the Kulumba district, who have worked to improve the life situation of the community in previous projects.

The portraits will remind us that we have to keep our future existence firmly in view in a clean and peaceful environment and have to enter it now and every day.

The project was funded with a donation campaign at

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