Since the predictions of the climate catastrophe, the progressive global environmental problem has been on everyone’s lips in the global North – with Germany certainly as a pioneer. In the global South, many residents have even less knowledge about the risks of environmental destruction – especially in marginalized, rural and small-town regions such as the region of Casamance, which has been marginalized for decades by Northern Senegal, with the town of Ziguinchor.

Since spring 2018 Système-D assists with the “ZIG GREEN Actions and Education” project to develop sustainable thinking and acting, in particular with the young residents of Ziguinchor. Local, every day experiences and difficulties, such as Health Care and the scarcity of resources, waste problems, deforestation and the sea-level rise are discussed in joint educational events and actions in public space, and better alternatives are tested. Teachers and students are trained as multipliers for the environment and form environmental clubs at various schools in Ziguinchor. These clubs will be constantly involved in the theme and will continue to perform actions in schools and in the city.

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